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British Car Restoration

British Car Restoration: We Ask the Right Questions

There are many things to consider when you’re looking to have your classic vehicle restored. Knowing what you want from the start is the key to a successful restoration project.

Why do you want to have your classic car restored?

Many people come in to the shop and say they want a particular car restored because they have always wanted one. In this situation, you need to weigh your options and decide whether it will be more beneficial for you to have a car restored or just buy one that’s already undergone restoration. A restoration can be a long, expensive process and you need to be sure about what you want and what to expect when taking on a project.

Triumph TR3 Restored

What will you do with the car once it is restored?

If your car is going to be a weekend driver that you take out for drives and nights on the town, then we like to restore the cars to as stock as possible. If you are planning on using it as a daily driver or a rally car, then we recommend some upgrades such as disk brakes, modern shocks, and steering upgrades. It’s important not to get too carried away with upgrades because at the end of the day, you still want to be driving a classic car, not just another modern car.

You need to pick the right car and look for the best quality you can find. Rust-free, accident-free cars may cost you more up front, but you will save thousands in the long run and the finished product will be that much better.

Daimler Dart Restored

Full-Service Automobile Restoration Services

British Sports Cars offers restoration services from minor cosmetics to full Concours ground-up restorations. Whatever the customer desires, we deliver. With decades of experience restoring all types of automobiles, you can rest assured your project is in the right hands. If you are considering having your classic restored and have questions, please give us a call and let us know how we can be of assistance. While you’re here check out our featured restoration project diaries, and make sure to visit the British Sports Cars Blog to get the most recent updates on our current restoration projects.

Jaguar XK120 Restored
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