Cool Car: 1939 SS 100 Jaguar by Van den Plas

Written by on July 19, 2017 in Jaguar, SS with 2 Comments
Cool Car: 1939 SS 100 Jaguar by Van den Plas

One of the rarest and most valuable Jaguars in the world has just arrived here at British Sports Cars for repair and restoration work.

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Another Diamond in the Rough:
1934 SS1 Four-Light Saloon

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Another Diamond in the Rough:<br />1934 SS1 Four-Light Saloon

We have recently acquired one of our dream cars, a 1934 SS1 Four-Light Saloon, and are currently in the process of getting this very special automobile back on the road after years of hibernation.

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Diamond in the Rough:
1939 SS Jaguar 3.5-litre Saloon

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Diamond in the Rough:<br />1939 SS Jaguar 3.5-litre Saloon

We’re always searching the internet for rare British cars, and every so often we find something truly worth buying.

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