Mini Cooper S Turbo Failures

Written by on October 31, 2012 in MINI Cooper, Repair, Shop Talk with 5 Comments
MINI Cooper S turbo installed.

MINI Cooper S turbo installed.

Now that a great deal of Mini Cooper S vehicles with the N14 motor are coming out of warranty, we are seeing quite a few with the check engine light on with code P2884. P2284 is boost control deviation which basically means that the boost from the turbo is not what the computers in the car are expecting. There are several things that need to be checked for this code, but in most cases we are unfortunately finding that the turbo has failed. Due to extreme heat in the turbo, the waste gate system is malfunctioning and causing the turbo pressure to divert before it reaches its full boost pressure. Most cars act fine under standard driving conditions, but as soon as the car sees a load condition like climbing a steep hill or overtaking on the freeway, the car will go into limp mode.

On the top right of the photo you can see the waste gate that has failed.

On the top right of the photo, you can see the waste gate that has failed.

We have a great source for new and re-manufactured turbos, and can beat just about any price. Please feel free to give us a call or post any comments or questions you have.

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5 Reader Comments

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  1. Gary marano says:

    just read your article on Mini Cooper s turbo failures, yellow engine light came on in my 2012 Mini Cooper s, brought it to dealer ship because when I started it when it was cold it made a racket in engine compartment that I never heard before, sounds like the you tube sight when I typed in wast gate rattle and that what it sounds like. it’s in service right now and called I said it is normal and probably from the cool air intake that I in sled myself about a year and a half ago and it never made this noise defore, it just started last week, do you have a reccomization on what I can do, still under warren tee, thanks Gary

  2. Matt says:

    Sounds like you might have a case of cold start ‘death rattle’. It’s usually caused by the timing chain pre tensioner failing or sticking. Once the engine gets up to temperature and the oil pressure increases the noise stops. It’s quite common on these engines. Try researching timing chain rattles to see if it matches the noise you are hearing. Good luck!

  3. Dan says:

    How can I get in contact with you in regards to buying a re manufactured turbo?

  4. Ben Johnston says:

    I have a 2007 Mini Cooper S Coupe with the R56 Engine. I have been getting the reduced performance light CC ID 029. I have done some troubleshooting myself and replaced the diverter valve and the boost pressure sensor. I took it to a Mini Dealership and they said it could possibly be the Waste Gate but needed to run some troubleshooting at the tune of $850 dollars. So I am doing my own troubleshooting. At this point I believe it is probably the waste gate especially given your post. The light seems to come and go but lately it is staying on. Do you have any recommendations?

  5. Harrison says:

    Where is the failure exactly in the image? Can someone broaden the reasoning?

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