Restoration Update: Frank Leysen’s Jaguar XK140

Written by on September 2, 2011 in Guest Blogger, Jaguar, Restoration with 5 Comments
Jaguar XK140 Restoration

Jaguar XK140 Restoration: Chassis

Frank here with another update from Belgium. The XK140 is ready to receive its body, which is back from the paint shop. We tested the engine yesterday and we have to admit that your mechanic did a very good job! When we first tried to start it, it refused, but that was because apparently the inlet manifold is from another car. It has a hole in the underside where the tube to a servobooster fits (like for instance a MK8 or XK150). After blanking the hole, it fired instantly, and apart from the ignition timing and carb settings, we didn’t encounter any problems.

Jaguar XK140 Restoration

Jaguar XK140 Restoration: Chassis

As you can see in the photos, everything has been assembled with new parts. The exhaust from SC-Parts didn’t fit, so we had to cut the rear downpipe and re-weld it with an intersection of about one inch, otherwise it was impossible to de-clutch (the lever touched the exhaust). Next week we hope to put the body on the chassis and to shim it out to make all the door gaps correct. Stay tuned!

Jaguar XK140 Restoration

Jaguar XK140 Restoration: Chassis

Jaguar XK140 Restoration

Jaguar XK140 Restoration: Chassis

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5 Reader Comments

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  1. George says:

    It’s great to see these old classics given a new lease of life. They have so much more soul than most of today’s crop of automobiles.
    I’ll be following this restoration until the end, can’t wait to see the finished product.

  2. Charlie says:

    Great article, I can’t wait for more! I will check back regularly 🙂

  3. Carl says:

    Re: Jaguar XK140 Restoration: Beautiful workmanship. One point – radiator fan blade is installed in reverse putting strain on rivets instead of correctly on the steel backing paddles. Common mistake, will shorten life of aluminum blades greatly! Just flip it over and will be good to go. Cheers, Carl, ’63 TR4 since ’74.

  4. Irving says:

    Looking good, there is something about a chassis with every part in place before body is fitted. Interested to see how you have fitted alternator(bracket). Look forward to see body fitted.

  5. Good looking chassis.

    I’m just starting a body restoration on a 54 drop head coupe and I’m looking for specs on body panel gaps.

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